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"WOW! is the only way to describe the intense and soul tingling feeling that I felt after sharing with Velma.  The surreal energy that has evolved from me and my subject matter is something that I have prayed for in the past, and after speaking with Velma about it, well let’s just say, a fresh spring day in the middle of December can not hold a candle to it.  Getting in touch with yourself, which is something that Velma inspires, is something that everyone should make themselves experience.  You will be amazed at what you already know about yourself, but just need to have the right reflection to see it!  Honest, no-judging commitment from Velma is what you get - awesome!"

Angela E. -Administrative Assistant
Shreveport, LA
"Velma, I wanted to thank you for the transformational sessions we’ve had! You really helped guide me in the direction that I always knew was best for me, but didn’t know how to get there by myself. Your compassion and powerful questions gifted me with the tools to get back on track. Your talent and essence that you shared with me has been remarkable and I am forever grateful. I wholeheartedly would recommend you to anyone seeking clarity, a safe sanctuary and meaningful life changing results! I thank you for the personal empowerment you’ve given me to make the decisions that are best for me."

                                                                               Christy D. - Advertising Account Executive
                                                                               Washougal, WA
"I have really gotten alot of new insights from my coaching relationship with Velma. I recommend coaching for anyone who is stuck in negativity or who has lost themselves for whatever reason."

Christy M. - Licensed Massage Therapist
Shreveport, LA

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"Velma’s ability to pick up on the undercurrent and recognize things which are quietly important is a
blessed gift. Specific strengths include developing a warm, trusting, relationship and the use of thought-provoking yet supportive questions. Our conversations are a serene and thoughtful experience that flows so naturally from deep within. Velma is never distracted and stays focused on the subject matter. Her use of questions is powerful without offense. I believe she is sincerely on my side."

                                                             Cynthia L. - Executive Leadership Development Consultant
                                                             Stanwood, WA

"Velma Tarver is a wonderful, intuitive, compassionate, inspiring and energetic coach. Velma has a wealth of xperience in dealing with people from all walks of life from poverty striken individuals, housewives, business people and government officials. Velma has an easy, soft style that is flexible, comforting and embracing of everyone and yet strong enough to handle even the most difficult client. Velma will support you in getting over the rough patches in your life with gentle strength, determination and compassion which lets you know "you can do it" and she'll be with you every step of the way."

                                                              Anita H. - Communications Specialist
                                                              Columbia, SC
"This entire journey has been a testimony for me. In every area of my life, something wonderful has been accomplished. I love coaching with Velma. She's inspired me to share my love, peace, and happiness with the world. I would love to pass this blessing on."

                                                                                           Tracey C. - Customer Service Rep.
                                                                                           Shreveport, LA
"Since our coaching sessions, I learned that is was okay to actually talk about myself and tell my dreams to someone. I learned that it's much easier to speak of myself in a positive way when I have someone who really cares about me. It made me feel like I could conquer the whole world. I really looked forward to each of my coaching sessions with Velma to discuss "me"!

Sherry F.-Future Registered Nurse and Agency Owner
Shreveport, LA
"I felt very supported during our coaching sessions. Velma has a gentleness that shows through over the phone - a security to allow me to process and share. Velma is very patient and asks those hard questions with finesse. I feel that I've grown as a person and have a better understanding of me."

Susan H. -  Paralegal
Denver, CO
"Velma travels with you on a powerful journey uncovering new possibilities and supporting changes with insight, clarity and compassion."
                                                                            Pam D. - President, The Plane Picture Co., Inc.
                                                                            Seattle, WA
Your spirit is so radiant it brings joy and light to those you are with.

"Velma is a soul-filled and spirit-filled coach who shines her light on people around her. I met Velma in a classroom and was immediately drawn to her radiant light. As coach, Velma has the gift to listen deeply and hear what lies beneath my words and reflect what is at the core of my heart.  This incredible journey-adventure-partnership with Velma, a gifted and skilled coach, gave me the inspiration, clarity, and tools to change my life and take the risk (I kept putting off ) to go for my dreams! Working with Velma is life changing, inspiring and fun! Everyone should be so lucky to have Velma as their coach. I am deeply grateful and honored. Thanks coach for reflecting the light and believing in me."

                                                                      Nikki C.- Activist, Student, Lifelong Learner, Coach
                                                                      Whidbey Island, WA
"I was pleased with my experience of having Velma Tarver as my Business and Personal Development coach. She was extremely helpful in getting me to move more successfully toward achieving my goals, especially in areas where I was “stuck”. Her warm, caring and professional spirit made the process non-threatening and fun. Since working with her I have taken on an exciting new career path, motherhood! I have been able to re-focus on the plans God has laid out for me and believe her coaching helped me “get back on track”.
                                                                  Amy S. - Stay-At-Home Mom of Two, Entrepreneur
                                                                  Coeur D Alene, ID
"Velma is a wonderful coach; safe and easy to talk with. She has a calm and sweet spirit. She is intuitive and asks the right questions at the right time."

                                                                             Dawn M. - Project Manager, Boeing Aerospace
                                                                             Seattle, WA

"This coaching experience has been a true eye opener
for me in all areas of my life. I now feel good about
myself and treat myself without feeling guilty or
selfish. I learned through this experience that in
order to help or take care of someone else, I must
first take care of myself. This entails cleaning out those closets that I wanted to ignore and never open again. Velma helped me in realizing the things that I've always known to be true about myself. She challenged me to a new way of thinking, never giving me the answers and allowing the space for me to go deep within. She asked the
"To begin with, I wasn't sure if I wanted to pursue life coaching, but decided to give it a try. Starting out I was a little shy about what to say or how to express myself. However, since my
3 - month commitment with Velma, I have stepped out of fear and become more courageous about what I want for my life. I've become more responsible for myself and my son and have the freedom to just be "happy."

Rita D. - Homemaker
Lake Charles, LA
“While coaching with Velma I am held in a cocoon of safety that allows me to explore myself with honesty, creativity and serenity. Velma creates a warm embrace where I can be myself.”

Arabella W. - CPC and author of Thrown to the Wolves
Seattle, WA

"Velma formed an instant and supportive connection with me during our coaching experience. She helped me figure out a new way of thinking about who I am and what I have to offer the world. Velma has a warm spirit and gentle directness that brings forth insight for the client in a safe space."

Beth B. - Founder of Intentional Talk
Tacoma, WA
"I feel like Velma works for me because I know that she really cares about me (the real me) and my life.  I feel very safe with her as my coach because I know that she isn’t judging me. "  

Keeda Berry,  Mother and student 
Shreveport, LA

challenging questions that needed to be asked and never pressured for the answers, which allowed me to process at my own pace until reaching a breaktrhough."

Reather B. - Correspondence Coordinator
Shreveport, LA
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