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Your first coaching session (after a complimentary introductory session, if applicable) will include a review of a personal assessment that you complete prior to our meeting. This document provides a starting point for us, outlining your values, goals, environment, relationships and aspirations. From there, we determine "what next."

You'll notice that a coaching conversation is very different than one you might have with a best friend, partner or co-worker. Instead of offering advice or personally relating to your statements, you'll be asked powerful, open-ended questions that allow you to access your own inner knowing. These questions are an invitation for deeper reflection and exploration, that often supports you in revealing the truth, hidden beneath the surface.

Making a meaningful, transformative investment in yourself requires both time and money.
A typical session is 45-60 minutes, with four weekly sessions per month. Because coaching is not a "quick fix," I ask that clients invest in a three-month agreement (optional), for a total of 12 sessions. At the conclusion of the agreement, we will discuss if we want to continue or if our work together is done.

With regard to your financial investment, my rates are competitive with industry standards for my certification level and experience. The fee will be mutually agreed upon (excluding complimentary, introductory session), and payable in advance. Expectations will be clearly outlined in our agreement.
Now is a good time to begin a coaching partnership!

Currently we are offering a complimentary introductory session and special package rates.

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Coaching Partnership

As your coach, I bring my
experience and expertise as well
as my intuition to this process as
I partner with you to champion
your dreams and aspirations.
I will
be a supportive presence in your life, providing you with a safe place to identify and explore your unique strengths and talents. My primary focus as a coach is on "you", my client. Your success resulting from our partnership "is" my main objective.

As the client, you must be committed to making a change in your life. Are you ready to invest in yourself emotionally, financially, and spiritually? A coaching relationship is a place to share your dreams and your challenges, and be open to exploring how to change patterns of thought and behavior that have been holding you back. I ask that you come to the partnership with an open heart, a curious spirit, and a willingness to be open to new possibilities and ways of seeing yourself.

Together, we determine how we're going to structure our coaching relationship. Taking into account distance, convenience and personal preference, sessions will be conducted in person or over the phone. If possible, it is desirable to meet in person at least for the first session. Most coaches have clients from around the country (and even the world!), so distance is not an obstacle.
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