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Velma is a mother of three, entreprenuer, advocate, and personal life coach.  She brings more than 20 years experience as a business owner, along with 7 years as a coach.  A graduate of Louisiana Tech University, Velma is currently a Certified Professional Life Coach through inviteCHANGE, Academy for Coach Training and an Associate Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation.

In the spirit of partnership, Velma works with individuals who are ready, willing, and
looking for change, whether it's personal or professional.  By tapping into the true essence of her clients, she brings a Spiritual understanding to the process of pursuing goals,
fulfilling dreams, discovering life purpose, and making life transitions.

Don't expect a therapy session when you meet with Velma.  She truly perceives her clients as whole, capable, and resourceful; and her role as coach is to empower them to tap into their own innate wisdom and guidance.  Velma views coaching as a partnership with two experts.  Coach - the expert of the coaching process.  Client - the expert of the coaching content, i.e. their life/work. Together they determine what specific actions will be taken to move the client forward.

Coaching can help you discover what's going on right now, what obstacles and challenges
you might have, and then support you in choosing goals that will allow you to maximize your personal and professional potential!

Velma knows how to ask the right questions, and can assist you in effectively identifying
the tools that will help you find clarity and focus around your core values and beliefs.
Additional Training and workshops:

World Institute for Global Listening and Communications

Personal life coach training and
self-development courses including "The Listening Course" and "The Possibility of Women" courses, February 2003 - June 2006 - Visit Website

The Rites of Passage Youth Empowerment Foundation
Elder Certification and Spiritual Coaching, November 2003 - July

Shadow Process - Facilitated by Debbie Ford, Fearless Living - Rhonda Britton, I Can Do It Conferences - Louise Hay,

You Can Heal Your Life Study Course - Based on the teachings of Louise Hay

African American Women on Tour Conferences
Empowerment courses and workshops, June 1997 - November 1999
Contact Velma to learn more about how she can partner with you in identifying tools and resources that will help you break free from limitations of the past and begin to explore your future with greater Intention.

Email her or call 318-773-7613

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What coaching means to me: Personal life coaching held me accountable to the commitments I made for “myself”, which allowed me to fully embrace my life and pursue  goals with a renewed sense of purpose, passion, and peace.  Doubt shifted to confidence and resistance was replaced with a willingness to “let go and trust the process.”  Through the experience of coaching, I discovered another area that I’m most passionate about; supporting others to manifest their fullest potential.   I am a coach, I often have a coach, and I fully embrace the total concept of what "Reflections" Life Coaching is all about-Remembering Who You Are."
Velma is also the founder of a world-wide outreach program called "The Institute for Global Outreach". The main objective is to help overcome poverty and improve the overall standard of living in parts of Africa, specifically villages in Ethiopia.
"As your coach I
am committed to providing  unconditional support, and a safe place to identify your unique strengths and talents.
I invite you to learn more about coaching, and determine if a coaching relationship is right for you."

Your Success is my sole objective!

International Coach Federation
Associate Certified Coach (ACC)

InviteCHANGE, Academy for Coach Training
Certified Professional Life Coach (CPC)

Louisiana Tech University
B.A. in Marketing

Louisiana Tech University
A.S. in Business

"I felt very supported during our coaching sessions. Velma has a gentleness that shows through over the phone - a security to allow me to process and share. Velma is very patient and asks those hard questions with finesse. I feel that I've grown as a person and have a better understanding of me."

Susan H. - Denver, CO -  Paralegal
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